She's Dark

from by Karnival Klowns



What is dark!
Is it the grey?
When it caused tooth decay!
What's the black?!?
When I conserve the light
But my heart fills of many freight

I'm a darkened ghost!!!
Grey smoke surrounds the host
But what they don't know
Is I'm a grey soldier of a blue heart flow
I've died so many times, I can tell you..
I Can't keep up with my venues.
A lone heart set to your menu..

Eat me up!
Take me apart!
Drink in your cup.
Got no flesh, to even eat up

I'm a ghost
Walking on blue air tight..
breaths of hope
that reminds, how I fight, you..
I'm still your every revenue.
When you eat up, you become what you eat.
Well hey watch out, I'm the haunt of your treat (I'm your treat!)

Eat me up!
Tare me apart!
Way to far gone from sanity!!
You sink in black heartbeats...

What is dark!!!!!
What is black!?!!!!
Are hurting me....
kindly.. squeezing out
The life...
out of me......
Out of my eyes,
Out my life,
Out of my type.

Your the dark that creeps under my skin..
leeching off of every smile I could ever hold within..
Dada,Darkness reached in your repair,
Dressed in black toxic, so fair.
With despair your eyes they stare,
They're silent, but they tell me,
what you really want from me.

You want control!
Of my body, the way my blood flow!
You prefer me blue, golden renewed!
Don't treasure me a jewel.
Yes I'm a clown but I can smile,
I bliss but you defile,
Crawling in the darkness, your asking me..

What is dark?
What is black?
It's your heart, the one that lacks
With a decent cold sympathy
For this grey prince of sanity!

What is dark?
What is grey?
When it caused tooth decay!

When I conserve the light,
But my heart fills of many dark nights..


from Conceptual Monster, released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Karnival Klowns Bethesda, Maryland

Genre: The KK is an Experimental Psychedelic Heavy Electronic-Rock band. Current solo artist The Klown Jestr (AKA. Panic Klown, J(STAR)5, and as 555) composes and arranges all his current songs. The KK tends to depend on minor keys, exclusively undependent on music form and harmony. One of the Karnival's main purpose is to "Not take things too seriously."
Influences: Korn, Slipknot,
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